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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brief History of ST Mont Michelle and Free Visit for half Day on merry crimmis 2012

Brief History of Mont Saint-Michel and One day Visit 2012 on
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Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky island in Normandy, France. It is also called the Lee Mont St-Michel. The Mont is famous for the medieval Benedictine Abbey and church. The Mont was used primarily during the sixth and the seventh century as a monopoly of the Romano and British culture.
Brief History of Mont Saint-Michel
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The Mont St. Michel during the 8th century was called Mont Tombe as it was the first basic construction. As per the legendary stories, the archangel Michael once came to St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches asked him to make a church on this rocky island. However, Aubert kept ignoring all his talk until Michael with his finger, burned a hole in the Bishops’ Skull. In 708, October, during the 16th century, the Mont was finally dedicated to St. Michel
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The origin of the Mont Saint Michel dates back to sixth and seventh century, when Armorican Gauls used the island as a stronghold of Breton culture and power. During this time the island was known as “Monte Tombe”.

After the Romans left Britannia - today’s United Kingdom - in mid 5th century, many Britons crossed the channel due to fear of the increasing Anglo-Saxon influence in their former home country. This emigration is the reason why this French region is called Bretagne, in English “Brittany”- “little Britain”. The Monte Tombe served as a stronghold until it was later sacked by the Franks, which ended the era of Celtic cultural links between Britannia and the region Bretagne.

Saint Michael Outer plan

Latest Brief History of Mont Saint-Michel
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Mont Saint Michel got its current name in 709, when the bishop of Avranches, St. Aubert, ordered a small church to be built on the site. The legend says that the Archangel Saint Michael, leader of the armies of heaven, appeared before the bishop and instructed him to build the church on this rocky isle.

Today, a golden statue of Saint Michael can be seen at the top of the church spire, protecting and overlooking the entire island.

A lot of calculated importance was given to the mount in 933 and the mount was placed on the new Frontier with Brittany. It is also been said that Michael had asked Aubert to build the Mont and call it Mont Tombe. It was a talented Italian architect, who designed the beautiful Roman church of the abbey during the 11th century, and was very daringly placed on the top of the Mount. It has also been said that a lot of underground crypts and chapel0s were made to balance the weight and it is because of their support that the top structure is seen today. The entire tour takes almost a good amount of time, hence an interval of 35 to 45 minutes is given after tour and in one day time, almost 2 to 3 tours take place. One of the best parts to look here is the movement of the shifting tides.
Night Brief History of Mont Saint-Michel
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An Italian architect, William de Volpiano, was chosen as building contractor for the mount in the 11th century. He designed the Roman church of the abbey, daringly placing the transept crossing at the top of the mount. Many underground crypts and chapels had to be built to compensate for this weight. These formed the basis for the supportive upward structure that can be seen today. Today Mont Sa ...

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Mont Saint Michel is one of the most remarkable examples of medieval architecture in the whole world. Together with its surroundings, Mont Saint Michel is simply breathtaking.
Mont Saint Michel was the first French site to be added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in 1979.
It was listed with criteria such as “cultural”, “historical”, “of architectural significance”, as well as “human-created” and “natural beauty”. It’s a clear testament to how special and unique this place really is.

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While the Mont Saint Michel itself is outstanding, it is not the only thing this area is known for. The other thing is its tidewater. Tidewater is caused by the gravity of the sun and the moon, together with the earth’s rotation. The tide varies the most shortly after a full moon. Mont Saint Michel happens to have some of the highest tides in all of Europe.

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Mont Saint Michel is located on the border between lower Normandy and Brittany in northern France. The mountain is situated approximately one kilometer off the Normandy’s north coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River, near Avranches.
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