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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to get to damnoen saduak floating market from Bangkok on Sunday,Friday industry

How to get to damnoen saduak floating market from Bangkok on Sunday to Friday
Floating market in hat yai Damnoen Saduak
Friday industry Bangkok Floating Markets:
The floating market provides an ideal rural backdrop to the daily life of the people living on the banks of the river; especially the local life in the central plain of  bangkok Thailand. The com mu ni ty relies greatly on water transportation; rivers and canals became the most important trade routes for people along the rivers. One result of their industry has been the gradual evolution of the floating food market. The lively picture of houseboats, boats carrying an assortment of goods and rice barges can be easily seen in the floating market community.
How to get to damnoen saduak floating market from Bangkok on Sunday
floating market bangkok

The most famous floating market in Bangkok is called Damnoen Saduak. However you need to know in advance that the price of any floating market is 2-3 times higher than in ordinary shops and shops of Bangkok. The main value of such trips is an unusual range of experiences that will bring you much joy, but it in no way can be considered a profitable shopping. At Damnoen Saduak you can find mainly souvenirs for tourists and many fruits such as lychee, pineapple, papaya, pomelo, durian, mangosteen, and more traditional for us, melons, tangerines, oranges, bananas. Exotic Thai dishes cooked right before your eyes what can be better!
Damnoen Saduak Latest Picture
The Floating Market- made famous by the James Bond classic “The Man with the Golden Gun” – can be found on the Damneon Saduak Canal. Although now a major tourist attraction, the market is a fun and photogenic experience where visitors can get an idea of what trading was like in Thailand before the modernisation of the city. It’s also a unique shopping experience because if you want to buy something here you will have to hail down a narrow long boat piled high with produce. The region also has plenty of vineyards, orchards and thriving local businesses which are great to view by canal boat on route to the market.

Bangkok on Sunday to Friday
Damnoen Saduak Latest Photos 2012
But going on this tour, do not forget about the fact that trading in Damnoen Saduak starts from 8 am and till 12.30pm.
To reach this market you will need about two hours , as it is at a distance of 109 km from the city center. You can hire a motorboat or a boat, it will cost from 100 to 300 baht approximately, depending on the choice of the vehicle.
Do not forget that in Thailand, with any purchase do not hesitate to make bargain: you can usually bring down the price by 50-60%.
Visit Thai exotic bazaars, these noisy, stuffy, but colorful Asian markets will bring you joy and lifetime memories.
Damnoen Saduak Latest Map 2012
Getting to the Ancient City, Samut Prakan
How to get to damnoen saduak floating market from Bangkok
  1. By Car or Taxi :
    Take the Express Way as far as the Samrong-Samut Prakan Exit. Turn to the Samut Prakan Intersection. Turn left along the old Sukhumvit Road (towards Bangpoo) until you get to km. 33. The Ancient City is on the left.
  2. By Bus :
    Take air-conditioned bus No. 511 (Pinklao-Paknam) to the end of the line. From here, take the mini-bus No. 36. It passes the entrance to the Ancient City.                                                 
Tour Damnoen SaduakI have been travelling in, through and around Bangkok for 10-plus years now and had never been to the the Damneon Saduak Floating Market, which lies about a one-hour drive outside of Bangkok. Hearing it was a big tourist trap I had ignored it for years.
Damnoen Saduak Latest image 2012
While the Damneon Saduak Floating Market is on the well-worn tourist path, it is still worth a visit. Some tips to improve your visit:
  • Get there early, before 8am. By 9-10am it fills up with tourists and by 11am the market is shutting down.
  • Don’t expect a ‘traditional market’ – this is a fun market to visit, but it has developed into a major tourist attraction.
  • There is a lot of tacky souvenirs for sale – it is an experience to visit and explore – but not a place for high quality handicrafts.
  • Try the food stalls – the local food is great!    
  • How To Get There : GPS Location : N 13.517462 E 99.952862new123.gif (1369 bytes)
    Travel from Bangkok via Thonburi-Paktoh Highway to
    Samut Songkhram Town. Follow the sign to Damnoen
    Saduak (Highway No.325).
Vist to Demnoen Saduak
    Damnoen Saduak old Photos
    How to get to damnoen saduak floating market from Bangkok on Sunday to Friday