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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where is Cappadocia Turkey Fast Way to Cappadocia Location Infomation

Where is Cappadocia Easy and fast Reaod Way to Reached The Cappadocia Infomation Location
This Cappadocia blogger will Guide about: Location, Where is Cappadocia, Cappadocia Underground City, Cappadocia Travel Agent,  Cappadocia Temperature, Weather Cappadocia, Cappadocia Restaurant, History,Map, Transportation, Cappadocia Tour and Guide.
The Strangest Landscapes in the world Cappadocia

Loaction of Cappadocia
Turkey audaciously straddles across Europe and Asia to develop a distinct culture that mirrors both West and East. It is a terrific land where European ambitions mesh harmoniously with Asian background and the capricious atmosphere of the Middle East blends itself effortlessly into the chilled-out façade of the Mediterranean world.
Best and cheap Hotels in Capadocia
Cappadocia Infomation-(See the orginal  Where is Cappadocia)
 The region of Cappadocia (Capadokya) is located in central Turkey, and is the setting for one of the strangest landscapes in the world. The deep valleys and soaring rock formations are volcanic rock formations, slowing eroding away to create the strange "Fairy Chimneys" (so called because locals thought they were so magical and extraordinary that only fairies could have created them). Many of these fairy chimneys have been hollowed out by industrious ancient people, who created homes, chapels, tombs and pigeon houses from the soft, carve-able rock. They also tunneled below, creating underground cities, some 8 stories down.

Fairy Chimney Hotel in Goreme ll in the region of Cappadocia (Capadokya), central Turkey, the setting for one of the strangest landscapes in the world.
Map of Cappadocia
Cappadocia is situated in the centre of Turkey and distances from major cities to Cappadocia are; Istanbul is 729 km, Izmir is 763 km, Antalya is 538 km, Ankara is 275 km and Kayseri is 104 km. Based on your preferences, you can travel to Cappadocia by plane, bus, train or car.

Where is Cappadocia Turkey Located
 By PlaneYou can book a flight to city of Ankara or Kayseri from Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya and  than continue to travel by car or bus. From Ankara, it takes 4 hours drive and from Kayseri only takes 1.30 hour.

 By Train If you are in Istanbul you can travel to Ankara by train (sleeping-car) and than you can continue to your journey by rental car or bus.
Where is Cappadocia Easy Reaod Way to Reached
Cappadocia map 2012
By Car You may choose to travel by bus or private car, it takes 10 hours from Istanbul, 10.30 hours from Izmir, 7 hours from Antalya, 4 hours from Ankara and 1.30 hours from Kayseri.
History Of Cappadocia
In the upper Myosen period in the Cappadocia region as a result of the vulcanic eruptions occurred in Erciyes, Hasandag and Gulludag, in the region was formed a large tableland from the vulcanic tufas and together with the erosion of the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thausands of years there appeared the chimney rocks which are a wonder of the nature. In the old Bronze Age the Cappadocia which was the population zone of the Assyrian civilization later has hosted the Hittite, Frig, Pers, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. The first Christians escaped from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century B.C. came to the Cappadocia over the Antakya and Kayseri and they have settled here. The first Christians finding the underground cities from Cappadocia have been hidden in these underground cities which gates were made in such way in which they couldn't be easily observed and they have escaped from the persecution of the Roman soldiers. Due that they had live in the underground cities for long duration without being able to go out they have developed these underground cities by making provisions rooms, ventilation chimneys, wine production places, churches, abbeys, water wells, toilets and meeting rooms.
In the prehistoric periods the first human settlements have begun and the humans have constructed the underground cities in the volcanic rocks in form of tufa due to protect themselves from the wild animals and they lived for long times in these underground cities. There are so many underground cities on the Cappadocia area of Turkey but the biggest is Derinkuyu Underground City.

Weather Cappadocia Turkey (Cappadocia Temperature)
In cappadocia temperature is difference between day and night. The rain is very littel. Cappadocia has four seasons. In winter there is snow also and average temperature is -2 degrees Celsius.
Summer season is very best but some time very hot in July @ 40 degree Celsius.
Cappadocia Cave hotels are recommended especially for this summer season, since the cave rooms remain cool throughout the day.
Cappadocia weather forecast:
 I will update soon with more detail.

cappadocia night of winter 2012

 FAIRY CHIMNEYS(Cappadocia Underground City)
The interesting rock formations, known as "fairy chimneys", have been formed as the result of the erosion of this tufa layer, sculpted by wind and flood water, running down on the slopes of the valleys. Water has found its way through the valleys creating cracks and ruptures in the hard rock. The softer, easily erodable material underneath has been gradually swept away receding the slopes and in this way, conical formations protected with basalt caps have been created.
The fairy chimneys with caps, mainly found in the vicinity of Urgup, have a conical shaped body and a boulder on top of it. The cone is constructed from tufa and volcanic ash, while the cap is of hard, more resistant rock such as lahar or ignimbrite. Various types of fairy chimneys are found in Cappadocia. Among these are those with caps, cones, mushroom like forms, columns and pointed rocks.
Fairy chimneys are generally found in the valleys of the Uchisar- Ürgüp-Avanos triangle, between Urgup and Sahinefendi, around the town of Cat in Nevsehir, in the Sogani valley in Kayseri, and in the village of Selime in Aksaray  .
cappadocia undergriund city 2012 image

Cappadocia Transportation
Cappadocia is well-connected to the rest of Turkey via bus, train and air. However, the trains, which run from Ankara and Istanbul to Nigde and Kayseri, are slow and uncomfortable. Turkish Airlines (THY), Onur Air, Pegasus, Atlas Jet and Sun Express operate daily flights from Istanbul to Kayseri throughout the day as well as once a day to Nevsehir.
Our Cappadocia transportation guide below will give you all the transportation advice you will need during your stay in Cappadocia. Once you have an idea of how to get around, be sure to enjoy a local Cappadocia Tour and a Hot Air Balloon Flight where you can see the whole Cappadocia region in one hour. We also have more transportation information on other locations in Turkey to help you plan your trip.
Nevsehirliler Turizm Seyahat
Bus Station of Urgup in Cappadocia
Cappadocia Travel Insurance

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Cappadocia Travel Agency(Agent)

Travel Agency in Cappadocia - List of all Travel Agencies in Cappadocia.

On this post you will find the complete list of Travel Agency in Cappadocia. Contact directly and go to the Travel Agency in Cappadocia you prefer or call them.
Here i will add only few good peolpe Name and contact:

Kadive Viaggi 3 VIA XXIV MAGGIO - TAGLIACOZZO (AQ) (7.5 Km.)
Phone: 0039 0863610222 - Fax: 0863/610222
Monte Velino Sas 16 VIA LUNGO IMELE - TAGLIACOZZO (AQ) (7.5 Km.)
Phone: 0039 086366533 - Fax: 0863/619620
Matis Travel/Ocean Srl 31/33 VIA P.M. BAGNOLI - AVEZZANO (AQ) (18.0 Km.)
Phone: 0039 0863444339 - Fax: 0863/444974
Bt Viaggi di Bianchi Luigi 22, VIA XX SETTEMBRE - AVEZZANO (AQ) (18.0 Km.)
Phone: 0039 0863441162 - Fax: 0863/445863
Due Piu Viaggi Snc 103 VIA GARIBALDI - AVEZZANO (AQ) (18.0 Km.)
Phone: 0039 0863412626 - Fax: 0863/
Other Big Agency are here:
Bedir Tourism
Phone: 90-384-341-5819
Fax: 90-532-336-1348
E-mail: Bedir_travel@hotmail.com
Experience Turkey and its famous hospitality with the help of a local family run travel agncy. See the local villages and the beauty of Cappadocia while balooning at sunrise or mopeding around the valley and surrounding area. To continue the adventure they can also arrange trekking and horsback tours. An extensive selection of daily tours will introduce you to 2,000 years of local hisotory from the underground cities to the churches built into its famous rock formations.
Rock Valley Tourism & Travel Agency
Address: Gulluce Cad. Terminal Karsisi
Urgup, Turkey 50400
Phone: 90-384-341-8813
Fax: 90-384-341-5820
E-Mail: info@rockvalleytravel.com
Let Rock Valley Travel help you discover some of Turkey's most wondrous sites with special tailor-made tours. Experience the beauty of the Ilhara Valley, the sun rising on the faces of Mt. Nemrut, and the lands of Abrahim near the Syrian border on 1 or 2 day tours. In Cappadocia, they can also help you with daily tours--including trekking and skiing, hotel bookings, air flights, airport transfers, and moped and car rentals. E-mail now to book, request available dates, or for more information.
Cappadocia Restaurant (Argos Cappadocia)

More Detail is avaliable in this Post ( I am updating every month for cheap and good Restaurant)
Here are my favorites best and Cheap Restaurant.

Where is Cappadocia Easy and fast Reaod Way to Reached 2012
Ziggy Café & Shoppe (Ürgüp)
The perfect place for a light lunch or dinner, an after-dinner drink, and conversation (romantic, or with friends) on an open-air terrace or next to a cozy fire, with cool jazz in the background.
Old Greek House (Mustafapaşa)
Its name tells you about the building—an authentic, unrestored Ottoman Greek mansion—but not about the cuisine: home cooking, served (if you like) Turkish-style, at a circular table set low on the floor.
Elai Restaurant (Uçhisar)
Whaddaya mean I'm not in Istanbul? The sophistication of this white-tablecloth place makes you wonder, but the panoramic view from the terrace could only be Cappadocia.
Dimrit Café & Restaurant (Ürgüp)
An old Ürgüp house perched on a rock promontory just downhill from the Esbelli neighborhood has good food, careful service, and spectacular views of the town and countryside.
Culture Museum & Restaurant-Cafe (Ortahisar)
Set right in Ortahisar's main square, this is a felicitous combination of ethnographic museum and fine restaurant with both indoor dining rooms and open-air terrace.

This is best and good Hotel:
Cappadocia Restaurant
Address :
11 Unity Street,
Robertson Walk #01-12
Singapore 237995
Tel / Fax : +65 6732 2411
Business Hours : 12noon - 11pm (Daily)
email: info@cappadocia-restaurant.com
website: http://www.cappadocia-restaurant.com

Where is Cappadocia Easy and fast Reaod Way to Reached
Best and Cheap hotels in Cappadocia

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