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Friday, December 21, 2012

Wadi-e-Baza or Wadi-e-Jinn Mystery Ziarat in Madina

Wadi-e-Baza or Wadi-e-Jinn  in Ziarat in Madina, Now Solved Mystery
I also went in 12 December 2012 at same location. it is really wonderful place.
We saw that most of peoples are from Pakistan or India.
A Valley located about 35 KMs to the north-west of Madina in Saudi Arabia. A road passes through the bed of the valley. What’s famous about this place is that, cars actually accelerate on their own with their engines off. They are known to accelerate over a stunning 120 Km/hr speed.
Wadi-e-Baza or Wadi-e-Jinn  Mystery Ziarat in Madina24°43’21.65″N 39°26’57.67″E
You may search on YouTube where people have uploaded their recordings of this experience. Where the engine of the car is turned off and the gear shifted to neutral, the car starts to accelerate on the road that appears to go up-hill. I would like to share one of the videos from YouTube here, for those who want to see what I’m trying to explain here.

The name of the valley was given by the locals for they believed that Jinn lived in these mountains; and that the accelerating of the cars are actually the Jinn pushing them. Only Allah knows best if Jinn live there, but the phenomena of the accelerating cars on a straight road itself, has nothing to do with jinn. This might sound offensive to some, but I would like to re-assure that I have dedicated this website solely for the purpose of making people believe in the existence of Jinn, but I would not lie if once I come to know of the real perspective of a scenario – that it in fact a natural phenomenon, and that it has nothing to do with jinn.
Before I start posting my personal observation, I would like to quote an explanation to this phenomenon called the Magnetic Hill or Gravity Hill.
Gravity hill, also known as Magnetic hill (and sometimes a mystery hill or a gravity road), is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces the optical illusion that a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope. Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill. There are hundreds of gravity hill locations around the world. Here is a list of other similar places on our Planet:
Further Explanation
The slope of gravity hills is an optical illusion, although tour guides may claim natural or even supernatural forces are at work. The most important factor contributing to the illusion is a completely or mostly obstructed horizon; without a horizon, judging the slope of a surface is difficult as a reliable reference is missing. Objects one would normally assume to be more-or-less perpendicular to the ground (such as trees) may actually be leaning, offsetting the visual reference. The illusion is similar to the well-known Ames room, in which balls can also appear to roll against gravity.
Here’s another example of the above phenomenon:
I would like to re-quote a line from the above explanation that is suffice to explain the phenomenon in the Valley of Jinn – “The most important factor contributing to the illusion is a completely or mostly obstructed horizon; without a horizon, judging the slope of a surface is difficult as a reliable reference is missing.” This is very obvious in all the videos on YouTube. There is no horizon, hence no reliable reference to judge the slope of the road.
One of the easiest ways to prove that the surface of the road that APPEARS to go UP-HILL is actually DOWN-HILL is to take an Inclinometer to the site and put it on the road to see how it is actually proves the opposite. You would then look around and see the road appearing to go up-hill, yet the inclinometer would suggest that it is in fact down-hill.
But since I cannot afford to go to the blessed land Madina and take a visit to the site myself, I have improvised another way to prove that the road is actually down-hill, and not really flat as it appears in the videos. I have used the software Google Earth for this purpose, and it is actually very helpful to find out distance and elevations of these surfaces from a satellite view.
I would like you to take a look at this image, and read the explanation along its side. If it is hard for you to understand, you may click the image to view it in full size.
 Wadi-e-Jinn  Mystery Ziarat in MadinaThe Red circle in the image is where the cars turn off their engines and start to accelerate down the road towards Madina. Google Earth shows you the elevation of the surface on which you hover your mouse over; I find the elevation at the point of the Red circle to be 948. I then come down the road for about 7Kms, and then mark another point that is the Blue circle. The elevation here was 638.
We notice, there is a drop of 310 Meters in just 7 KMs. I estimated the angle of inclination by taking multiple sites on the same road, and I find the average inclination of the road to be 11.5 Degrees downwards South. Knowing this fact, no matter what we see apparently on the side of the road, we have to admit to the fact that this road is in fact a downward-slope, and that the accelerating of cars is actually the Nature of Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala.
For those who wish to find out an inclination ought to take the Distance as the Hypotenuse, and NOT as the Base of the triangle, for that is the way GoogleEarth works. You may then find the Base-Distance via Pythagoras Theorem and eventually find the angle of inclination via Cos(A) = base/hyp = 11.5.
You may try this out on your own computers, simply by downloading Google Earth and follow the Road Coordinates: 24°43’21.65″N 39°26’57.67″E


Anonymous said...

"We saw that most of the people are from India or Pakistan...". Ha! that explains the ignorance surrounding this place.

This reminds me of a joke about the event of man landing on the moon ( Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin). When the news reached India, some mullah's made fun of it and declared it an impossibility. One 'ingenious' scholar commented: So, they have landed on the moon, eh? Just wait until the new moon comes. Both of them will fall down to the ground!

JM said...

That is what a good scientific research all about. Great job.

Anonymous said...

I went there on Dec 2, 2017 and completely agree with your analysis. There is no mysterious force or magic. It is just the natural phenomenon. Actually there is no big uphill where car seems moving up. The road seems flat but People just believe and imagine that it is uphill. It is probably downhill but optic illusion shows in downhill.

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