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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lake Vostok drilling 2012 Success

Lake Vostok drilling 2012 After 20 years Lake Vostok drill success with new plan
Russians dig 2.2-Mile Hole to Reach Hidden Antarctic Lake after 20 years
Russians Celebrate Drilling into Lake Vostok.
It took two chilling decades, but the Russian team has finally broken into Lake Vostok, the largest of the lakes hidden under Antarctica’s ice, and the world most deeply buried. Lake Vostok has been isolated for millions of years at earth and it might contain specifically adapted microorganisms, that haven’t been seen on the surface of the planet for a long time. So it is great news.

Lake Vostok drilling Latest Photos

Lake Vostok drilling 2012 After 20 years Lake Vostok drill success new plan